The Window

A young couple moves into a new neighbourhood.
The next morning, while they are eating breakfast, the young women sees her neighbour hang the wash outside.
The laundry is not very clean, she said.
 she doesn't know how to wash correctly. Perhaps she needs better laundry soap. 

 Her husband looked on, but remained silent.
Every time her neighbour would hang a wash to dry, the young women would make the same comments.

About a month later, the young women was surprised to see a nice clean wash on the line and said to her husband : 
Look!!! She has learned how to wash correctly. I wonder who taught her this?

The husband said : 
I got up early this morning and cleaned our windows! 

What we see when watching others, depends on the purity of the  window through which we look.
Before we give any criticism, it might be a good idea to check our state of mind and ask ourselves if we are ready to see the good rather than to be looking for something in the person we are about to judge. 

Breathing Therapy

Our noses have left and right nostrils. Are this nostrils have the same function for inhaling (breathe in) and exhaling (breathe out)? 
Actually, it is not the same and we can feel the difference. 
Accordingly, the right side represents the sun and the left side represents the moon.

When having headache, try to close your right nostril and use left nostril to do breathing for about 5 min.
The headache will be gone... inshaallah!
If you feel tired, do it the opposite way. Close your left nostril and breathe through your right nostril. 
After a while, you will feel fresh.

Because the right side belongs to heat, so it gets hot easily. The left side gets cold easily.

Women breathe mainly with their left nostril, so they get calm easily. 
Men breathe mostly with their right nostril, so they get angry easily.

When we wake up, do you notice which nostril breathes faster?
 ( heheee , susah nak notice sebenarnya.. However, you can try.) 
Is it the left side or the right side?
 If the left nostril breathes faster, you will feel tired. 
What you can do is, close your left nostril and use your right nostril for breathing and you will get refresh quickly.

This is a natural therapy, unlike taking medicines for a long time may have side effect.
 The effect of breathing therapy is much better for adults. 
You can also teach your kids about it.

Practice the correct ways of breathing (breathe in thru ur nose and breath out thru ur mouth), and your body will be in a very relaxing condition. 
: info from my yoga class teacher.

So, Why don't you try it out ? And let me know the result!

The Results Been Announced

19 December 2012

Dear Little Mister,
I still remember, on the day of PMR results announced, you are on the island of Langkawi, to undergo Athletic Conditioning Training Program, organized by MSN. Therefore, I was the one who had to line up and take your examination result slips... Haiiihhh! Takutnya usah cakap laaa… mengalahkan student pulak!

I receive your exam results with an open heart, and with a full sense of gratitude to Allah swt. Congratulations, my Little Mister on passing your PMR with 7A’s and 1B. The B goes to Pendidikan Agama Islam....:(  Tak per, you really deserved it, the way you achieved this success is commendable. Your athletic training schedule, in preparation for the Kejohanan Olahraga MSS Daerah 2012, MSS Kedah 2012 and MSS Malaysia 2012 has caused you not entirely attend school from the month of January until May 2012.  

You back home at the end of May and back to normal school life early of June. The waited PMR exam date is on 9 October 2012, this means that at the time, you only have four months to start the learning session and for reviewing the lessons before the big examination. Worried about running out of time, we recommend you to go to tuition classes as a replacement class. And you my dear, you stick with your stance, do not want to go to any tuition center. You just learn on your own at home with the help of daddy, Kak Acha, and me.
 Ermmm, I do not know whence the patience and confidence in you comes.

There are times when I feel sad to see you rushed hither and thither and lagged in all school subjects. There is always a worries inside my heart, ponder, whether you are able to achieve success in both the academic and athletic field at the same time? However, Alhamdulillah, you have proved that you capable to do both. We are so proud of you! We wish you all the best for your further achievements. We are sure you will also do exceedingly well in your further exams. 

Your diligence, hard work, sincerity, and perseverance will make you taste the fruits of success. Insyaallah.  

Hati pembimbing perilaku...

Dalam meniti kehidupan pada marcapada, setiap permasalahan, pergolakan dan keinginan dalam hidup pada hari ini  perlulah dihadapi dengan hati yang kuat, tabah dan sabar. Dan untuk memiliki hati yang kuat, tabah dan sabar itu bukanlah mudah seperti apa yang aku atau kamu sangkakan. Dan bukan semua di antara kita disini mampu untuk memilikinya. 

Kerana hati itu membimbing perilaku, maka mahu atau tidak mahu aku harus bijak dalam menangani perasaan hati dan, tidak sesekali membiarkan emosi menguasai diri sepenuhnya. Dan oleh kerana keinginan aku untuk menjadi lebih kuat daripada sekarang ini,  maka aku harus bersedia untuk membina kekuatan emosi dan memperbaiki diri pada setiap hari, setiap ketika dan  setiap saat, supaya aku mampu dan dapat mengawal ledakan emosi dan  rasa amarah ku daripada meletus dan menyakiti  mereka yang berada disisi.

Dalam pada itu, aku sentiasa mengingatkan diri, yang aku mahu dan hendak menjadi seorang lebih baik dari semalam. Aku perlu untuk membuang semua perkara negetif yang ada dalam diri agar ianya tidak membentuk menjadi sebuah tembok yang sukar untuk ditembusi. 

Ermmm... Mungkin ada yang memandang sinis dengan tulisan ini tapi aku tak ambil kisah dan tak ambil hati pun dengan semua itu. Kerana, awak, awak dan awak berhak untuk bersuara, berkata-kata dan membuat kesimpulan sendiri. Ianya sama sekali tidak menjadi masalah pada aku.  Kerna aku selalu berfikiran, kehidupan yang kita  lalui dibumi ALLAH ini,  jalan, gunung ganang, onak duri, denai dan becaknya tidak sama. Jadi siapalah anda, siapalah kita dan siapalah aku, yang layak untuk menghakimi peribadi dan kehisupan seseorang itu?

Ingatkanlah diri (diriku jua) untuk sentiasa menjadi seorang yang positif, berfikiran positif dan optimis.  Cubalah mencari sesuatu yang baik didalam apa jua yang kita ada atau miliki, yang kita kerjakan mahupun yang kita dengari.  Dan seharusnya juga kita perlu untuk sentiasa mencari kebaikan pada diri orang lain supaya kita tidak ada sebarang perasaan membenci padanya,  kerana kebencian itu  adalah satu kelemahan yang bisa merosakkan hati dan diri...  

Intihanya, mencuba untuk  sentiasa memperbaiki diri setiap hari  secara perlahan ,  akan  menjadikan diri kita hari ini lebih baik daripada semalam dan diri kita hari esok akan jauh lebih baik daripada hari ini… Insha’Allah. 

Our Quality Time Together

Last weekend morning, we went to jog at the park in the Mengkuang Dam.   The park in the Dam area  is a popular place for recreation.   Many visitors went there to enjoy the scenic landscape, jogging and trekking.   There is a 10km trekking skirting the dam through orchards and rubber plantations and it opened for public from 6.00am until 7.00pm daily.

Actually… jogging, hiking, or long  walk during weekends has been our family routine outdoor activities since the past 4 years.   Maybe our weekend activities sound simple but alhamdullillah, we really enjoy and the kids are very keen to do it.   In fact, they really look forward to Saturday!   To your knowledge, my children are grown now, ages 16, 15 and 14, therefore, I always encourage them to be actively involved in athletics than spend the entire time at home with just playing PS3, Ipad or laptop.

A part from that,  I believe, by spending time and engage in any activities together is a way to strengthen our family bond and a way to build strong family relationships... 
~ Insha’Allah ~ 

Well, this is where we spent our last weekend. 

Mengkuang Dam/Ampangan Mengkuang/Tasik Mengkuang
Located less than 28km to the north-east of Butterworth town.

Pictures taken with CANON IXUS 230 HS

Me & Mister